ComfTech affiliate partner EIT ICT

Mar 05 2013

ComfTech was selected and participates to the action line Health & Wellbeing - of EIT ICT Labs. It is the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as an initiative of the European Union. The action line Health & Wellbeing launched in March 2013, a new EIT activity to network and promote European SMs. This activity is called HWB Business Community and is aimed at helping the local participating SMEs to identify new business opportunities in Europe and beyond, and to benefit from the local ecosystems of four EIT ICT Labs nodes: Trento, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Paris. Health & Wellbeing aims at boosting the quality of everyday life by accelerating ICT innovation.
EIT ICT Labs’ action line Health and Wellbeing focuses on primary prevention where regulation barriers are less severe. With more room for entrepreneurship and where a more diverse set of ICT-enabled solutions is possible. The creation of a HWB Business Community fits in this picture as an activity to connect SMEs from out of local ecosytems with each other. EIT ICT labs, supports with the HWB Business Community entrepreneurs to identify new business opportunities and understand differences between geographic markets.