Textile wearable sensor

The story of ComfTech is the result of an encounter: a meeting of people, a meeting of skills, a meeting of technologies.

Comfortable Technology started as a project aimed to improve the quality of life premature babie’s in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the Hospital of the Province of Lecco - Presidio "A. Manzoni."

The concept was a very good synergy of purposes and skills:

  • Biomedical technologies , in particular for the non-intrusive measurement of physiological parameters ;
  • Textiles, specializing in the design for babies, from newborn to premature and the technologies for the production of fabrics and textiles in general;
  • Ergonomics and Design for usability, wearability, comfort and acceptance of the system by the user.

Comftech products have been conceived in close collaboration with doctors and nurses. The guidelines delineated a product which is highly technological, but keeping well in mind that the final solution should be absolutely comfortable and simple to be used by the newborn, the family members and by the medical and paramedical staff.

The results have been enthusiastically receveid by nurses, doctors, and families alike:
this opportunity allowed us to carry out a thorough analysis researching the opportunities of such a concept in the child's monitoring market, the technological feasibility and all the industrial organizational aspects.

The Business Plan was presented to the 2010 edition of the "Start Cup Milano Lombardia" by the "Comftech Team" composed by Alessia, Giuseppe and Luca. At the final of that competition, held in Milan on 26 October 2010, the proposed project won:

  • 1st Prize "Filarete Investments" for Life Science;
  • Special Award "CCIA Lecco" for Best Business Idea;
  • Special mention of the "Bright Future Ideas Award" of the British Consulate General UK Trade & Investment Milan.

On 3rd December, 2010 the "ComfTech Team" partecipated to the National Innovation Prize PNICUBE where it was selected among the Best 10 Business Ideas 2010, and one out of three best ideas in Life Science.

These successes strengthened the belief of the entrepreneurship idea and provided an initial financial input to the initiative itself.

The company Comfortable Technology (ComfTech S.r.l.) as established in October 2010 with the idea of giving life to products aimed to improving the living conditions of the user in terms of comfort and usability of technology, marrying the technological aspect to the textile world that always offers protection , physical and psychological comfort . 

Today ComfTech has a catalog and clothing that covers systems with sensors for a wide range of applications and for all ages.