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Our story is the result of an encounter: a meeting of people, skills and technologies. Comfortable Technology started as a project aimed to improve the quality of life of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the Hospital of Lecco. Today our textile wearable sensors cover a wide range of applications and they are designed for all ages.

Comftech textile sensors:

  • High quality signal
  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable

Technology that fits you


    Textile sensing technology totally integrated in clothing to enable continuous monitoring of some physiological parameters.


    The products are distinguished by textile research and the style design.


    For usability and comfort of textile and electronic components, ComfTech products are your “invisible friend”.

Comftech med


    The products are made in direct response to needs as expressed by neonatologists.


    Continuous and non-invasive monitoring, the fruit of much research and supported by certification.


    The added value is the peace of mind that parents and nursing staff enjoy. ComfTech products are a support, a “wearable nanny”


    ComfTech, by its own choice, is not in a blind rush to continually update its technology or worship the false god of fast delivery. On the contrary, we keep a curious and constant eye on novelty, study it in depth, experiment, master, grow and change together with it.

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Focus on the customer

ComfTech’s technology is adaptable. It has many applications: it is found in neonatology, soccer and even in the Mt. Everest expeditions and the Formula 1 circuit. ComfTech monitors the champion to help him to win, improves quality of life for the elderly and grants the obstetrician peace of mind.
Today’s and tomorrow’s technology requires different visions, parameters and know how. For this reason ComfTech is open to partnerships and collaborations.

Our Partners

The future: Comftech 2019

Matching the needs of seniors and adults.

Next generations

ComfTech wants to encourage the new generations. We organise coding, e-textile and wearable tech meetings to teach boys and girls how knowledge of historical textile culture can help to establish us as leaders in the new wearable technologies. The CODERDOJO event is an example.


"August 2018 Principia SGR
invests 7 Million in Comftech, wearable startup."

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